Recover Deleted Data from External Drive


Suppose you want to format the hard drive of your computer then you need to back up the important data in it. You need external storage drive to save your data. External drives are of many types depending on the storage capacity, size, compatibility, connectivity, etc. factors. If you have less data then you can save that in a flash drive. If you have huge amount of important data then you need to store that in external hard drive. The flash drives have the capacity to store the data of few GBs. The external hard drive has the storage capacity of up to 2 TBs. After formatting the hard drive, you realize that you forgot to back up some of the data on it. What can be done then? Do you need to forget those files? You can find deleted data from external drive using recovery software. Data Recovery Software helps you to get back deleted data after format with ease.

Some of the scenarios in which external drive data is deleted:

There are many reasons due to which data is deleted from external drive. Few are as explained below,

Reformat: You may reformat the external storage drive. The File System on the external drive can be changed. If you do not have the copy of the files on the computer then you need to In that case, you can recover the files using recovery software. Data Recovery Software helps can be used to recover reformatted drive data.

Deleted while anti-virus scan: The external drive when connected to the computer, the anti-virus program on the computer scans the drive. The external drive files may be infected by virus or the file types of the files are not recognized by the anti-virus program. In that situation, if the program cannot fix the problem then the files may be deleted. You will lose the data from the external drive then. In that case, you need to recover files using recovery software.

Unintentional deletion: The files on the external drive will be deleted unintentionally many times. You may delete the files while performing some other operation on the file. You may also delete the file by mistake while deleting unwanted files. In that case, you can recover files using recovery software. Data Recovery Software helps you to recover files effectively.

Advanced features of Data Recovery Software:

The Data Recovery Software helps you to recover deleted data from external drives. The software has rigorous scanning mechanism to get back any file types deleted from the storage device. You can recover data using recovery software. The software is used to recover files deleted from flash drive, memory card, iPod, MP3 players, etc. external device drives. The software has easy to navigate interface and hence even a novice can recover the files. The software provides you the option to preview the files after recovery with the demo version of the software. The software has the capacity to recognize number of file types like documents, excel sheets, access files, etc. basic files. You can also restore deleted media files like audios, pictures, videos, etc. using the software. Read more to know the details of video file recovery.

Simple steps to be followed to recover deleted data from external drive:

Step 1: Download and install the Data Recovery Software on the computer. Connect the external drive to the computer and run the software. Select Recover Photos from the main page of the software.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Media Main Screen

Step 2: Select Recover Deleted Photos from the next screen of the software. Select the external drive from which you want to recover data and proceed to scan.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Deleted Media Files

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview the pictures and you can save the recovered files on the drive of the computer.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Preview Screen

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