Retrieve Deleted Data from Flash Drive


Data storage has become an important issue in day to day life. You need a proper storage of your data whether it is personal or any professional data. Flash drives are the best portable storage devices on which you can store any data of yours. Generic flash drives are USB flash drives and SSDs. There are varieties of special flash drives available in the market like Memory Stick, memory cards like CF, SD, SDHC, SDXC, xD and Multimedia cards. You can store any data on the storage drives but flash drives are specifically built to store high resolution photos and videos. Flash drives are used in digital cameras, camcorders, Play Stations, etc. for data storage.

If you lose any data from the flash drive, it will be a great loss for you. It might be a set of videos of the events of your life, photos of any excursion with friends, etc. Suppose you are having all the media files on your new digital camera. It contained the photos and videos of the recent excursion with your friends. You have taken the advantage of the camera being waterproof by taking under water pictures. For your hard luck you format the flash card of the digital camera by mistake. It will be very heart breaking situation as you lose all the amazing and rare photos. Do you need to let it go and forget about the pictures? Absolutely not, as you can recover the deleted files due to formatting the flash card. Data recovery software helps you to perform data recovery after deletion from the flash drives.

Some of the scenarios of the data deletion from different flash drives are given below. Have a glance at the following cases:

“Delete All” on SD card device: You may press “Delete All” button on the camera or camcorder and hence all the media files on the SD card will be deleted. You may do it unintentionally or you may forget to take the backup of the data before deleting. In such cases, you can recover the deleted data from the SD card using recovery software. Data recovery software helps you recover deleted JPG, MPEG, MPG, PNG, GIF, AVI, MOV etc along with al other types of files from the SD card in few clicks.

 Accidental deletion from memory stick: You might not be having enough free space on the memory stick of your mobile phone. In that case, you may delete some of the data. Sometimes you end up deleting the important data accidentally instead of some junk files. Your fingers may not co-ordinate with the mind and you may end up clicking in delete option. In such situations, you may restore deleted videos, photos, etc. data from the memory stick using the data recovery software.

Data deletion on pen drive due to virus: When you connect the pen drive to the computer, the data on the pen drive might have affected by virus and the antivirus deletes the infected data sometimes. In such cases, you will lose your important files. You can recover such deleted data from the pen drive using recovery software. Data recovery software is one of the recommended software to recover your deleted data.

Interruption while transferring data: You may try to transfer some files from the flash drives to the computer. The files while getting transferred comes across any interruption for the transfer, then some of the data which are yet to be moved to the computer will get deleted. In such cases, you can restore data from flash drive after deletion using data recovery software.

There are lots of features of the data recovery software. Some of the important ones are given below for your reference:

The data recovery software can recover data deleted from flash drives, hard drives, external hard drives, etc. storage drives. It recover data at almost all the data deletion scenario, it can recover data from deleted partition of the hard drive, data deleted due to formatting a partition, etc. The software supports the NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems of Windows. If you are using Mac OS based computer, then you need not to worry about how to recover deleted data from Mac? The software has a different build for Mac users by which you can recover the data deleted from Mac PCs. The software usage has benefits like, you can save the disk space by compressing the data after recovery, it has fast scanning mechanism, etc. Use this link to get info regarding Mac

Follow some simple steps to retrieve deleted data from flash drive on Windows operating system:

Step 1: Download and install the data recovery software on the PC. Insert the flash card into the port of the computer or connect it. Run the software and click on Recover Photos from the home page of the software.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Media Main Screen

Step 2: Now select Recover Deleted Photos to recover the deleted photos. Select the drive of the flash drive to scan for the deleted data.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Deleted Media Files

Step 3: After scanning, the recovered files will be displayed in two views, you can preview the files and save them on the computer.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Preview Screen

It is better to avoid the data deletion instead of recovering data after losing it. You can keep away from data deletion using some simple but important tips as below:

  • Keep your electronic storage devices like cameras, camcorders, etc. out of reach of kids to avoid deletion of data on the device.
  • Use branded card readers on the computer so that you won’t lose the videos due to the drive mounting error.
  • Keep your storage drives free from any malware or virus using the antivirus program.

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