How do I Retrieve Deleted Photos


Most of the individuals have all been there at some point of time. You end up in deleting important images from your storage device while trying to remove some unimportant ones and later realize that you have deleted a wrong set of pictures!!! But your priceless pictures are gone!!! You just deleted them unintentionally. It is really hard to outlive such pain of deleting important picture close to your heart. What to do next?? Remember that simple deletion cannot afford to erase your beautiful image from storage device. Image file will be just invisible, but still alive and kicking hard somewhere on your storage device to get back to its position of pride. Just employ superior deleted file recovery tool and get back your deleted stuff in no time. This software has potential to build up your data back, which is deleted by almost any means. This tool assures 100% safe and healthy recovery of files. Know more about the software at

Adorable pictures get deleted from storage device mainly due to human mistakes. No matter how careful you are while dealing with the valuable pictures of the device, some blunders happen unknowingly parting away your priceless pictures. Accidental usage of “Delete All” button provided in many media devices is one such blunder that deletes all the images at one stretch and forces users to severe depression because of disappearance of memorable pictures. In addition to this formatting the storage device is one more reason responsible for deletion of files. Many individuals format the drive to get rid of viruses or to sort out some corruption issues. Bu this course of action not only removes the viruses but also wipes out all the files of that drive leading to deletion of files in massive scale.

After virus invasion on storage device, the antivirus applications used to remove virus may delete the image if it is severely infected by viruses beyond repairing capacity of antivirus application. Sometimes files get deleted from storage devices due to software malfunction or corruption caused by pirated and outdated versions of third party applications. Improper execution of Cut & paste commands while moving the images between computer and external storage device results in deletion of files if the process is interrupted due to errors.

Many users around the globe still believe that the deleting the picture from storage area eliminates it permanently. But it is absolutely a wrong notion. Mere deletion action never wipes out the picture permanently, it just makes the picture inaccessible and flags particular sector occupied by the picture as free to store new data. But the actual image still continues to exist until it is overwritten with new data. So as soon as you notice that wonderful images are deleted from storage device, just get the deleted file recovery tool and fire it up to retrieve them. This fully automated application just demands few mouse clicks from the user to restore deleted files from external drives. As long as you have this extraordinary application no need to worry about how to retrieve deleted images. It will never let you down in terms of file recovery as long as the deleted pictures are not overwritten with new data.

The powerful and advanced scanning algorithms of the software look in to each and every sector of the affected storage device and pulls out all the files. It has been awarded as the best file recovery application available over the internet with non destructive ways of recovering files. This tool comes handy with easy-to-use and simple user interface which allows even a no voice user to get back the images without facing any complications. It empowers you to restore deleted data from flash drive, hard drive, external hard drive, iPod, flash memory card etc. Apart from deleted picture recovery, you can also get back deleted videos of popular file formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, M4V, 3GP, RM and 3G2. Just click here to learn more about video file recovery.

This award winning tool is designed and developed by best industry experts having years of experience in developing data recovery utilities. It supports file recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFSX, EXFAT, HFS+ and HFSX partitions or volumes. You can recover images from popular storage devices on latest Windows operating system version such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008. If you are a Mac user and suffering from data loss hurdles then visit here to know more about how to get back lost files. This tool is made available in trial version for the benefit of users. Use the trial version of the tool and assess the recovery capability of the software. If your are satisfied with the recovery results obtained from trial version then go ahead and buy the complete version of the application to save recovered files on to some storage device of your choice.

Follow simple steps given below to retrieve deleted pictures:

Step 1:Download and install the software on your computer. After launching the software select Recover Photos option from the main page of the software. From the next screen select Recover Deleted Photos option.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Main Screen

Step 2: Now a windows pops up with the list of available drives. Select the drive from which photos are to be recovered and click Next to start scanning process.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Select Drive

Step 3: After the completion of scanning process, preview recovered images and save them on to some trustworthy device of your choice.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Preview Screen

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