How to Retrieve Deleted Videos


A proverb says, past is the only dead thing which has fragrance and proverbs are true by default. You like to retain the moments to look back when you want. You can store the memories in your photos, audios, videos, etc. Videos are the most effective and lively files which you always prefer to other data files. You can capture videos from the cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices. You can store those on the computer or connect to the television and watch it in a big screen. There are many video file types like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, etc. which you can use to record your videos.

You would never wish to lose your videos as it contains lots of joyful moments of yours. It might be any event of family or friends, you cherish those moments. You have recorded the videos of your kid’s birthday party. The kind wants to watch those videos eagerly and tries to open the video files. When you get it back from him, you find that some of the videos are missing. The kid had deleted them by miss operation. All the videos of the function are gone in a snap of time. There is no use in regretting or shouting at your kid. Be cool as there is a solution for this kind of loss. Efficient data recovery software can help you get back those videos. You can recover deleted data using data recovery software.

Have a glance at the following scenarios to be aware of the cases when you might delete the video files. Avoid these situations if possible:

Accidental format of memory card: Memory card can be accidentally formatted by you or by anyone else. It might happen due to your negligence or carelessness. You might miss operate the memory card on your electronic devices. All the videos on the memory card will be deleted after format. In such cases, you can recover the deleted videos using good recovery software. Data recovery software is the efficient recovery software using which you can get back the deleted videos.

Deletion from memory stick of your cell phone: You may be using the memory stick to store lots of videos on your cell phone. It has a large storage capacity but as you are very fond of video graphics, you record more videos and the memory will be full. You instead of deleting the folder with downloaded movie videos, end up deleting the videos recorded by you. In such situations, you can restore deleted videos from the memory stick using data recovery software.

Interruption of video transfer: You can transfer the data on your portable storage drive to the computer to store for longer time and make free space on the portable external drive to store new data. While doing so, sometimes the data transfer gets interrupted and the data which was not yet copied will be deleted. Hence you will lose the videos which you were transferring from the flash drive onto the computer. In that case, you can recover deleted data from flash drive using data recovery software at your fingertips.

Video deleted by antivirus : You may connect the portable storage drives like, pen drives, memory cards, etc. to the virus protected computer. You have some videos on the external drives and the antivirus installed in the computer deletes the infected video files from the external drives. This is done by the antivirus to keep away the virus from the files of the computer. In such scenarios, you can use good recovery software. Data recovery software is the dependable recovery software to recover your deleted videos.

The data recovery software has lots of advanced features. Refer to some of the features as given below and make the most out of the software:

The data recovery software recovers the videos as mentioned in the above cases. It also recovers other media files like audios and photos from the storage drives. The software recovers the data deleted from the hard drives of the computer. You can even recover data from deleted partitionby scanning the hard drive of the computer using the software. The software has lots of advantages like, the software wizard is easy to use that anyone can handle data recovery using this software, the software has efficient scanning mechanisms, the software provides you free trial version to evaluate the possibility of data recovery, etc. The software comes with separate builds for Windows and Mac. Hence you can retrieve deleted data on Mac computers also. Click here to gain more information.

Follow simple steps given below to learn how to retrieve deleted videos on Windows OS:

Step 1: Download and install the data recovery software on the computer. If the videos are deleted from the external devices then make sure that those are connected to the computer. Run the software and select Recover Photos from the main page of the software using which you can recover the deleted videos.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Media Main Screen

Step 2: Select Recover Deleted Photos from the next window of the software. Select the drive from which the videos are deleted. Specify the file types of the video files and click on Scan option.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Deleted Media Files

Step 3: After scanning, preview the files and save the recovered videos on the computer.

Retrieve Deleted Data - Preview Screen

It is better to avoid the data deletion instead of recovering data after losing it. You can keep away from data deletion using some simple but important tips as below:

  • Keep your electronic storage devices like cameras, camcorders, etc. out of reach of kids to avoid deletion of data on the device.
  • Use branded card readers on the computer so that you won’t lose the videos due to the drive mounting error.
  • Keep your storage drives free from any malware or virus using the antivirus program.

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